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Fáilte romhat isteach! (Welcome here!) Cead míle fáilte (hundred thousand welcomes) to Sráid Ghairdinéir (Gardiner Street) Dublin, IRELAND. Gardiner Street Dublin is one of Dublin’s best known Georgian Streets; Gardiner Street Dublin is historically, culturally, politically and architecturally important due to its unique history (Unique History). Don’t just read Irish history, experience it. (You Can Advertise on Gardiner Street Dublin.com). BOOK DIRECT on this site and enjoy comfortable rooms at 30% cheaper rates than similar rooms in Temple Bar that is only 5 minutes walk away. Ask any question info@gardinerstreetdublin.com.


Lower Gardiner Street south leads from Mountjoy Square to the fine stone Georgian Custom House overlooking the River Liffey. Gardiner Street is home to some of Dublin’s finest family owned Hotels, Guesthouses and Tourist Hostels. Gardiner Street is renowned for its Irish Hospitality including the Famous  Le Bon Crubeen, Dublin’s No.1 Restaurant on TripAdvisor. Gardiner Street is a central location and a focal point for public transport and day tour vendors such as Wild Rover Tours, departing Gardiner Street each day.


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It is one of those essential things that make a Dublin City Break or Holiday in Ireland reach another level. If you don’t have local knowledge, or know what is on the menu, you will struggle to get the best value for your money and the best out of your precious time. That is why we have compiled Gardiner Street Dublin; this is a useful insiders-guide for all things Dublin. As Dublin’s only Guide that is based on the first-hand experience of our writers, we aim to reveal Dublin’s hidden treasures as well as offering guidance to Dublin’s better-known landmarks (Our Gardiner Street walk).

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The DART line crosses near the intersection with Beresford Place behind the Custom House and this end is only a few minutes’ walk from Connolly station, and around the corner from Lower Gardiner Street is the Luas red-line stop at Busáras. Lower Gardiner Street, is also part of Dublin City Council’s Inner Orbital Route, however, pedestrian crossing points are conveniently located and allow for safe and easy road crossing. Middle and Upper Gardiner Street are separated from the lower street by the west-side of Mountjoy Square, a Dublin Georgian Square noted for its cultural, historical and architectural connections (Our FREE Tour Guide).

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