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U2 3Arena, Hotels near 3Arena

Hotels near 3Arena the former O2 have been inundated with calls for the U2 3Arena Concert at 3Arena in December 2015, Bono revealed the U2 3Arena concerts to the much loved Tony Fenton in an interview in January 2015. Hotels, Guesthouses and other Accommodation near 3Arena needs to be Booked as soon as dates for the U2 3Arena gigs are announced as many Hotels, Guesthouses, Bed and Breakfast vendors near 3Arena will be very busy with Christmas Shoppers.

While the specific dates for the U2 3Arena concerts have not been confirmed it is expected the U2 3Arena Gigs will be held on Friday 4th, Saturday 5thand Saturday 6th December 2015 or alternatively, Friday 11th, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th December 2015, as any closer to Christmas 2015 could cause logistical problems for commuters as Dublin will be buzzing with Christmas shoppers. Anyway at this time the dates can only be guessed.


U2 3Arena concerts December 2015.

U2 3Arena gigs were planned many months ago however the announcement was made by Bono in an interview he conducted with Tony Fenton before the Today FM DJ died in March. The interview will be broadcast on Monday 4 May 2015.

U2 3Arena Concert Dates 2015

To date U2 have booked 68 concerts for 2015 tour, starting in Vancouver next month and ending in France in November 2015. No dates for the Dublin U2 3Arena concerts have been announced, however, we can have a very good idea due to the logistics of the Christmas period.

U2 3Arena Irish gigs are expected to include contributions from teenagers who benefited from U2’s Music Generation Scheme in which the band gave €5 million to local authorities to allow young people to buy instruments and receive musical tuition, this was a fantastic success.


Tony Fenton Interview Bono

The interview with Bono will be broadcast on Monday 4th May 2015 on Today FM, when the U2 3Arena concert dates will be announced.

It was January 2015 when Tony Fenton was invited to join Bono and wife Ali at home in Killiney, County Dublin to record an interview for Today FM.

The late great Tony Fenton had wanted to interview Bono for many years and, after bumping into each other on a night out, he asked Bono to come onto the Tony Fenton Show around the release of U2 new album.

Tony Fenton Death

U2 frontman Bono promised he would but Fenton was in hospital when ‘Songs of Innocence’ was released. The DJ later interviewed Bono in March 2015.

U2 performed together at Fenton’s funeral. Bono and The Edge played Ordinary Love, the Oscar-nominated song from the film Mandela, and this was an emotional moment for everyone gathered.

U2 Greats, Adam Clayton joined in followed by drummer Larry Mullen, playing the tambourine.

This was the first time U2 have played in public since Bono’s accident in January 2015 when he fell off a bicycle in Central Park in New York.

The interview will be broadcast in a special one-hour show on Today FM this coming Bank Holiday Monday, 4th May, 2015 at 3pm.

U2 3Arena

U2 3Arena which is a 14-500-capacity amphitheatre located at North-Wall Quay in the Dublin Docklands in Dublin City, Ireland, which opened on 16th of December 2008. It was built on the site of the former Point Theatre, a smaller music venue which closed in 2007, retaining only some of the outer architectural facade. The Point Theatre was branded as ‘The Point Depot’, in recognition of its original role as a railway goods handling station and its central role in the community for many decades.

In the period 2008 to 2014, the 3Arena was known as The O2 Arena. Its 14-500 capacity makes it the largest indoor arena in Ireland. The venue was rebranded on 4th September 2014 as the 3Arena due to the takeover of O2 Ireland by Three Ireland, both mobile phone operators.

The 3Arena Dublin is owned by Live Nation and in 2011, the venue was named as the fifth busiest arena in the world with ticket sales of 670,000 putting it behind The O2 in London, the Manchester Arena, Antwerp’s Sport-paleis and Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena.

U2 3Arena gigs could see a capacity crowd over the three gigs of 43-500, which will bring a much welcomed boost to Hotels, Guesthouse and B&Bs in Dublin who are close to The 3Arena.


U2 3Arena concerts to go ahead in December 2015, Hotels near 3Arena should be booked as soon as the dates for the U2 3Arena gigs are announced on 4th May 2015

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