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A hardwood stage of quality food, great customer service and value for money

It was Tuesday, I had arranged to meet a friend for lunch, it needed to be something a little different and special, the last time we had eaten in Dublin it had not been a good experience, one of those un-pleasant ‘Irish’ style lunches with tired dancers beating leather off a piece of ply-wood.

Our New experience would be the Bad Ass Temple Bar, I was unsure of the address, 9-11Crown Alley, sounded like a secret location in a Disney Movie. I quickly found the Bad Ass Temple Bar, right in the heart of Temple Bar, yet tucked away quietly off the beaten cobbled track. I quickly used my IPhone to send the Geo-location data to my friend, surely that would impress her.


Immediately upon entering the Bad Ass Temple Bar I was approached by a member of staff and offered a warm meet and greet. I was shown to a window table where I could view the passing sightseers and wonder at this historic place. The interior of the Bad Ass Temple Bar is soaked in a nostalgic ambiance that is set alight by the hard wood surrounds and ceiling art work, this is a place touched by the hands of imagination and style, yet the menu says value for money and variety to fit a variety of budgets.

I take a moment to step up to the restroom that is on the first floor, on the ascent, the walls are punctuated with a story of Comedy Club laughter each Friday night in the Bad Ass Temple Bar. I am yet again surprised to find an upstairs function room with funky red floor and soft glows of barley sugar amber light, a party of Italians are enjoying a birthday celebration. I am informed that the birthday cake had been supplied free by the Bad Ass Temple Bar as the birthday group was made up of 15 or more people, and this I am told is the norm.

The restroom, often the fall of many eateries, was clean, functional and regularly inspected.

When I returned to my table, my friend had arrived, menus were presented and specials explained. We both started with the Sea Food Chowder, which when presented offered a fresh and a delicate balance of Salmon, fresh water shrimp and cockells, served with brown bread that had the aroma of my grandmother’s baking so many years earlier, this was a delightful start to any meal, and my friend agreed.


As my friend and I are big pasta fans we opted for pasta based main courses. My friend ordered Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Tortellini in a Chorizo and Basil cream sauce, I being awakened by the flavours of my starter ordered Penne Pasta with Smoked Salmon in a creamy courgette sauce. The silence that hung over our main dish was explained by our deep satisfaction with a dish that is often only served to such a high standard by Michelin Star restaurants.

We concluded our meal with an Americano and Cappuccino; conversation flowed easily as we looked about us and pondered upon the great history of this location that has paid host to so many cultures and traditions through the ages. Now Temple Bar is a major tourist attraction and sometimes in that commercialisation the true nature of Ireland is lost in a sea of veneer rather than being presented on a hardwood stage of quality food, great customer service and value for money, such a hardwood stage as can be found at the Bad Ass Temple Bar Dublin.

Cost of Our Experience

Starter: Sea Food Chowder €6.95 per person

Main: €12.95 per person

Americano: €2.50

Cappuccino: €2.70

“Delicious food!!!”

Reviewed 19 May 2013 by TripAdvisor-Geokmid

I have been for a while in Dublin and I have to say Bad Ass (profanity rules) has the best beef and Guinness stew!!! In fact the kickass burger and the stew are two of the most delicious dishes we have ever tried!!!! We ended up there after a very disappointing experience just across the road, as we tried to have lunch in another pub but the staff was really unfriendly….we were not in a really good mood but Bad Ass (profanity rules) guys made our day!!!! Strongly recommended!!!

Eating Out in Dublin – BAD ASS Temple Bar

Maple Hotel Group

9-11 Crown Alley, Temple Bar, Dublin 2: Phone: +353 1 675 3005

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 10.00 am – till Late and Friday to Saturday 8.00 am – till Late

The Bad Ass Temple Bar is 10 minutes walk from Gardiner Street or 2 minutes in a Taxi

Think Food, Think Relaxation, Think Fun, Think Friends, Think Happy…That is some Bad Ass Thinking…enjoy a fantastic meal with friends in The Bad Ass Temple Bar Dublin…if Temple Bar is the heartbeat of Dublin…then The Bad Ass Temple Bar is the Soul of City Living…The Bad Ass Temple Bar is home to good food, personal service and a world renowned reputation for Living Life to the full.

The BAD ASS Temple Bar is Home to Ireland’s Greatest Comedy Club, join the gang every Friday night for a great laugh, Live music downstairs, fantastic food selection with Menu updated regularly.

FREE FREE FREE Birthday Cake with parties of 15 or more people.

Bad Ass Temple Bar Website: CLICK

Bad Ass Temple Bar menu: CLICK

Bad Ass Temple Bar: CLICK

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