Five Lamps Art Festival 2013

Five Lamps Festival

Five Lamps Art Festival 2013 celebrated the 1913 Lockout and the event wa ssupported by Dublin City Council and Marino College of Further Education.

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Location: Various venues in Northside Dublin

Take an enlightening journey through our history and ourselves with the Five Lamps Art Festival 2013: Get your socks on Culture! Lights are on for the sixth edition of the Five Lamps Art Festival, illuminating the five roads and beyond with a kaleidoscopic interplay of music, theatre, visual arts and literature.


This year’s programme is particularly rich in events, spread across different venues in Dublin North, many of which commemorating the 1913 Lockout . The Festival will guide us in a tour of our memories, starting in the North Strand with a commemorative mural created by Marino College students, to Amiens Street with the architectural exhibitions “Re-imagining Sean McDermot Street from Findlaters to the Five Lamps” to the Quays, discovering the past and present of Dublin Docklands with Pauline Byrne and a photographic exhibition from Dublin Dock Workers Preservation Society.

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Certainly not to be missed is the exclusive Exiles Exhibition, presented by artist Alison Pilkington who uses the idea of being ‘locked out’ as a metaphor for the human condition, and the Dublin One City One Book event called “Ballads, Banter and Banners” where even the ballads echo the experience of the tough life of bosses and the labour force at the end of the 19th century.

Sponsored by Dublin City Council and Marino College of Further Education, the Festival also showcases workshops, historical walks, international (Theatre Nikoli) and acrobatic (PaperDolls) performances, deliciously provocative shows (Fumballinas), interactive plays of Theatre & Wine (Susan Boyle), musicians from the indie scene (Dayo and the Swingfolk) and Jazz Lunches amongst many others.

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