Gardiner Street Dublin Advertise

Advertise on Gardiner Street Approx 8 Cent per Day to Drive Traffic Your Way

Recommended Accommodation in Gardiner Street Dublin:


Advertising on Gardiner Street


The Townhouse Hotel has just been named Top Hotel in IRELAND by Facebook 

Gardiner Street is a working site that is being constantly updated and expanded in order that it will maximise on-line traffic to its advertisers: that could be You. Gardiner Street Advertising Department delivers smart solutions across digital platforms that connect advertisers with thousands of potential customers. We work with our clients to build strategic, innovative and results-driven campaigns from start to finish. Gardiner Street is set within a unique results driven Digital Marketing campaign.

You can advertise your Business on Gardiner Street for Approx 8 Cent per Day Plus VAT.

For €49 Plus VAT per-year you will receive:

  1. Listing on Gardiner Street for 1 Full-Calendar Year
  2. Direct Link-back to your own business website (this link-back will improve your listing on Google)
  3. Your own business page setting out your products, services and full contact details (See)
  4. Digital Photographs of your business, products and services (supplied by you)
  5. Promotion on a number of Social Media Platforms (Dublin Hotel Guide)

Link Building is the Key to Staying Alive©2013

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Omega Digital Marketing System©

The Omega Digital Marketing System has been developed over several years by an Irish based Computing/Digital Marketing Expert. The Omega Digital Marketing System is uniquely based on a Knowledge Audit of key Economy based and industry specific Meta-Data. The Knowledge Audit produces Big Data that is utilised to create a unique Algorithm; the Algorithm is then operationalised in order to put in place a bespoke Digital Marketing Strategy for a specific business, industry or sector.

While the Omega Digital Marketing System has been developed over several years by means of academic/industry research and development, the Omega Digital Marketing System has also been operationalised in a number of business types. Those businesses that have adopted the Omega Digital Marketing System have realised up to 1000% increase in revenue generating traffic to their generic websites.

The Omega Digital Marketing System has ensured the survival and growth of many businesses that were struggling in Ireland’s economic recession. The Omega Digital Marketing System has not been rolled out to market and is only provided to selected business types, it is anticipated that the Omega Digital Marketing System will continue to be provided on a selective basis rather than a market driven demand basis, this decision is based on the need to maintain the integrity of the Omega Digital Marketing System that is known only to its creator.

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