Rent a bike Dublin, Phoenix Park Bike Hire

Rent a bike Dublin, Phoenix Park Bike Hire

To book a bike, telephone 086-26 56 258 or email

Rent a Bike in Dublin

Many years ago, a British Minister told the British public to get on their bike, he was of course telling people to travel the country to find work, when there was no work, anyhow, getting on your bike in Dublin is a totally different experience and has a totally different meaning.

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Phoenix Park Bike Hire

If you are told to get on your bike in Dublin, people are usually talking about RENT-A-BIKE Phoenix Park Bike Hire; these guys are serious about bikes, and even more serious about your leisure time. Phoenix Park Bike Hire provide only the very best bikes that money can buy, these guys have put sweat and blood into this business and they won’t let their standards drop to save a few Euro on substandard equipment.


The ‘Giant’ bikes are a superior brand manufactured in Holland; Holland has built a world renowned reputation for building superior bikes. Phoenix Park Bike Hire have bikes to suit every taste, including bikes for children, his and her mountain bikes, hybrids, tag-alongs, baby seats/carriers also available. Those who are in racing mode may want to try a carbon fibre racing bike as used by champions.

Phoenix Park Bike Hire Location

Phoenix Park Bike Hire is conveniently located at Stop 16 on the CityTour bus route.


Rent a Bike Dublin Video

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