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Website Hacking, any web-development or digital marketing company that tells you that their particular website cannot be hacked, are in simple terms, LIARS.

Every single website in the world can be hacked and many that cost millions to build, including in recent times NASA, FBI, CIA, M15, M16, An Garda Siochana, National Governments, Banks and so forth have been hacked. For any web-development company to suggest to a client or potential client that their particular website development or brand of product is hack-proof are simply telling lies to sell their own, often expensive, products and services.

The main reason that some web-development companies do not promote Word-Press type websites is due to the fact that with a little in-house training, Hotel staff can learn to manage and maintain the website themselves without having to pay expensive maintenance contracts to web-development companies. Many web-development companies simply want to take total control of a business’s online activity, so that the businesses are tied into expensive contracts for many years.

Word-press websites are rarely promoted by web-development companies due to the fact that a business such as a Hotel or Pub can use their in-house staff to maintain the Word-press website and will not need to pay extortionate fees to a web-development company each time they want to add a special offer to their website.

Many web-development companies provide a template website that provides a basic service to the business for which it was provided, the web-development company then makes more money from the business by charging them every-time they want to put up something as simple as a special offer. Following the economic boom thousands of companies who had collectively spent hundreds of millions of Euros on websites for their businesses were left with black holes in cyber space. The businesses had no one to manage and maintain their websites, as many of the ‘web-development ‘ companies had gone under and the businesses had no means to access their websites or their content. While the construction industry may have been filled with cowboy builders, the web-development industry had and continues to have many cowboy developers of their own. Accommodation/Hospitality vendors (as well as other business types) need to start taking control of their business, by understanding the value of working with trusted/local web-development/digital marketing vendors.

In short, many web-development companies LIE to clients and potential clients by telling them that only the products and services that they provide are safe and secure, when in fact they are no safer or securer than any other product or service. As the majority of clients are not fully aware of the intricacies of the IT World, they can be easily tricked into paying large sums of money for a template website and this is then coupled with unnecessary and expensive maintenance contracts.

The exact same hardware and software security products are available to everyone, whether a web-development company is big or small, they can only access the exact same security products as anyone else, software security companies such as Norton do not provide bespoke security packages to web-development companies, and they provide the same standard to everyone.

Any accommodation/hospitality vendor that wants to insure the effectiveness and efficiency of their business should engage a Word-Press type website, pay for a little in-house training so that in-house staff can maintain and update the website, hotels should then employ a white label booking engine, which means that all guest security issues are in the hands of a major third-party vendor. If a hotel/hospitality vendor does not have the staff or time to maintain their own online presence, they should work with local/trusted vendors in order to ensure that they are not being ripped-off and their business intelligence is not being used in an unethical fashion.

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