Hotels and Guesthouses Dublin City Centre

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Hotels and Guesthouses Dublin City Centre

Gardiner Street Dublin provides some of the best Hotels and Guesthouses in Dublin City Centre, many of the bed and breakfasts in Gardiner Street Dublin are housed in original Georgian architecture that has been tastefully modernised with the needs of modern travellers in mind. Dublin City Centre Hotels and Guesthouses rarely offer the personal service and value for money offered by those accommodation vendors recommended on Gardiner Street Gardiner Street accommodation is normally owned and run as a family enterprise and this unique quality means that guests are treated to personal service rather than a corporate hello and goodbye.


City Centre accommodation in Dublin can often be misleading, some properties advertising themselves as city centre locations are in fact perhaps a mile or two away from the city centre, meaning extra costs for buses and taxis, Gardiner Street accommodation is right in the heart of the city, all of the bed and breakfast accommodation recommended on Gardiner Street is within a couple of minutes’ walk from O’Connell Street Dublin. Gardiner Street accommodation is also within a couple of minutes’ walk off Croke Park and other major venues. Gardiner Street Bed and Break described

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Day Tour buses leave Gardiner Street every day to places such as Tayto Park, Dublin Zoo, Cliffs of Moher and so much more.

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Gardiner Street Dublin will also recommend 5 Star and 4 Star Hotels that are not based in Gardiner Street as we feel that guests should have a complete range of accommodation available to them. Hotels that provide wedding venues, spa Hotels and so forth will be advertised and recommended.

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Gardiner Street will also post information about sporting events, music festivals and so much more, so that guests and visitors to Dublin can make informed choices about their stay in Dublin. Bed and Breakfast Gardiner Street described 

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Gardiner Street Dublin is unique in that may of its progressive Accommodation vendors work together to promote the area and their individual products and services. Gardiner Street will be the only street in Dublin to host its own unique Gathering Event due to the cooperation among many of its accommodation and hospitality vendors. Abbott Lodge

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As tourism in Ireland continues to recover from the economic downturn Gardiner Street Dublin keeps an update of what is happening in the industry.

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Dublin City Centre Guesthouses

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Bed and Breakfasts in Gardiner Street are star rated bed and breakfasts, for example, the Anchor House Bed and Breakfast Gardiner Street is a three star rated bed and breakfast due to its boutique accommodation that is maintained to the highest standard by its family owners. Mr and Mrs Gerry Coyne have owned, refurnished and extended the Anchor Guest House in Gardiner Street over the past twenty years. This family run bed and breakfast is a template for first class customer service, including comfortable/spacious rooms, a hearty Irish Breakfast and helpful informative front of house staff.


Many Irish bed and breakfasts do not bother to go through the process of registering as they view such a process as simply another expense on their already hard pressed business. If a bed and breakfast is not registered as such, the reality is that the same statutory rules apply in relation to health and safety, fire-safety and food hygiene, registration is really about having a certificate as a selling point, however, the main difference between a good and a bad bed and breakfast will be determined by the commitment of the owners to their products and services, so don’t get too hung up on whether a bed and breakfast is registered or not.

Most bed and breakfast accommodation in Ireland provide a full Irish Breakfast, which normally means a hearty breakfast made up of, Tea/Coffee, toast, sausage, egg, bacon, black/white pudding, beans or any version of these ingredients. The great thing about a good bed and breakfast is that if you get a full Irish Breakfast you will not need to eat again until evening, this means a great deal of saving on your holiday to Ireland. Many Gardiner Street bed and breakfasts offer FREE Irish Breakfast when you BOOK DIRECT on their own website. The  reason that you get rewarded for BOOKING DIRECT is due to the fact that if you BOOK your stay through an OTA (online travel agent) that travel agent will take at least 15% Commission from the BOOKING, this means that small and medium sized Bed and Breakfasts are losing 15% of their income before they put bread on the table for your breakfast.


Quality bed and breakfast vendors in Gardiner Street Dublin such as The Anchor House, Townhouse Hotel, Maple Hotel, and others to be found on this site offer you a FREE Irish Breakfast when you BOOK DIRECT, this saves you buying lunch, and you also enjoy multi-night discounts. On a short stay in a Gardiner Street bed and breakfast you can Save up to €100. Similar bed and breakfast accommodation in Temple Bar for example, which is only 5 minutes’ walk away, can cost you up to €200 more for the same stay, ask yourself, why would you pay more for less.

Bed and Breakfast Gardiner Street Dublin

Traditionally a bed and breakfast or B and B has been a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast, but usually does not offer other meals. This has change over the years with many bed and breakfasts and guesthouses offering a variety of services such as laundry, afternoon tea, pizza and so forth, however, when you are in Gardiner Street Dublin you are in the city centre and therefore you are surrounded by Bars, Cafes, restaurants and so forth.

In Ireland since the 1980s period, the meaning of the term, bed and breakfast, has also extended to include accommodations that are also known as ‘self-catering’ establishments; this can be a good type of bed and breakfast particularly for families or Globetrotters, as you can cook what you want when you want. Normally, bed and breakfasts are private homes with fewer than 10 bedrooms available for commercial use; this is particularly so in rural Ireland, however, in Gardiner Street Bed and Breakfast accommodation is provided by most vendors from Georgian Houses that were once owned by the landed gentry of the industrial revolution. Much of the original Georgian architecture has been preserved and complemented by the addition of modern conveniences that are expected from the 200,000 plus guests who visit Gardiner Street Dublin each year to enjoy its unique history, culture, architecture and central location to all major attractions.


Gardiner Street Bed and Breakfasts normally, accommodate guests in private bedrooms with private bathrooms, or in a suite of rooms including an en-suite bathroom. Some homes have private bedrooms with a bathroom which is shared with other guests. Breakfast is served in the bedroom, a dining room, or the host’s kitchen. The Georgian architecture of most bed and breakfast accommodation in Gardiner Street allows for some nice boutique dining areas to be created, basements once used to accommodate herbs and spices brought from international trade missions by leading industrialists, or big house servants, or secret meeting places of rebels leaders, are now boutique dining areas for international guests.

A true Irish bed and breakfast is a love affair between owner and product/service, it is very easy to distinguish those guest houses that are owner owned and managed from those that are simply a add on to some developers property portfolio. All of the bed and breakfast accommodation set out on Gardiner Street Dublin are family owned and managed, this is what makes Gardiner Street Dublin unique when it comes to delivering personal service. Gardiner Street Dublin does not suggest for one moment that all accommodation will offer a standard wall-paper, carpet or memory foam mattress, but what you will find in Gardiner Street are bed and breakfast vendors who have committed their lives to the area and to their individual businesses.

Gardiner Street Dublin bed and breakfast accommodation is constantly evolving to meet new requirements of international a local travellers, this includes the installation of Wi-Fi, flat screen tv, tea/coffee making facilities, tourist information desks, and so much more, however, while travellers may expect Wi-Fi as a given when booking a bed and breakfast, it is always fair to remember, that a small or medium sized guesthouse may have to invest a very sizeable amount of their income for such installations, and so it is important to focus on the positive rather than complaining that small vendor does not have the latest technological Fad installed.

Gardiner Street B and B

Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Gardiner Street is unique; accommodation vendors often come together and offer such treats as Staycation packages, these Staycation packages while open to everyone are focused at encouraging people both local and international to stay in Ireland’s Capital City and enjoy its true history, culture and architecture.


Business people staying in Gardiner Street bed and breakfast accommodation are normally attending city centre business meetings or the Dublin Convention Centre which is a couple of minutes’ walk away from Gardiner Street. Families stay in Gardiner Street to enjoy a short Staycation package that includes a trip to Dublin Zoo or Tayto Park, Music and sports fans stay in Gardiner Street bed and breakfast to attend concerts in the Aviva Stadium, Croke Park, O2 and so forth all of which are a few minutes away, walks and day tours can also be enjoyed.

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Gardiner Street Dublin offers bed and breakfast accommodation that is comfortable, clean and welcoming, it is within easy walking distance of most major attractions, the area is safe due to the special relationship between community and police service and prices are normally at least 20% cheaper than similar accommodation that is only a few minutes’ walk away, simply because guests are paying for the luxury of staying in an area such as Temple Bar that is stacked with pubs and nite clubs.


All of the bed and breakfast accommodation on Gardiner Street is recommended as the vendors offer competitive rates, comfortable and clean rooms, most offer breakfast, many offer free breakfast when you BOOK DIRECT on their website and save them from being charged high commissions by OTAs. The bed and breakfast accommodation is centralcompetitive and guest centred.

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